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Clongriffin Juncton - Commuity Centre Signage

Clongriffin Juncton - Commuity Centre Signage

Every now and again projects come along that really capture the imagination, this is the most recent.  

Clongriffin is a new suburb located in north Dublin, which has a large and increasing population and is well served by rail and bus links into Dublin and has the usual mix of retail offerings. In the scheme a building has been set aside for community use. The building occupies a corner side overlooking the Town square and adjacent to the main walkway for access to the railway station. Given this fact, the name that was given to the building is "CLONGRIFFIN JUNCTION"

Barrow Signs were commissioned by Gannon Homes Limited, developers of Clongriffin Town, to design, manufacture and fit a scheme of signage for Clongriffin Junction within a six week time frame.  

The project was divided into two main sections, (1) Manifestations on over 80 square metres of glass, and (2) the signage on the front elevation.

For Clongriffin Junction a concert type scene was agreed, to reflect the diversity and leisure type uses the building is designed for, and with a 35% coverage on the windows, the manifestation is strategically positioned so that pedestrians can see the activity inside the building, while positioning of the manifestation blocks direct viewing. The different levels created by the swinging arms, makes the whole elevation more interesting. Here, we used an Avery brand high quality sand blast effect film. 

Party Type scene on window manifestation fitted by Barrow Signs at Clongriffin Junction

The design of the signage was more challenging as there was no fascia or defined area to fix the sign to.  The solution was to fabricate from 3mm aluminium a hollow box that is fixed to the transom bars of the aluminium window frame and held in place with a concealed rail type fixing. Also, as the span of this area was 7.5 metres the sign box was fabricated in three sections, the centre panel has swaged ends to ensure a continuous and flush line. The total size of this panel is 7500mm x 820mm, here a slimline finish was preferred and the return on the panel is only 30mm. The three sections are powdercoated in Orange to match the town branding.

One of the three aluminium panels after powdercoating to make up the 7.5m fascia of Clongriffin Juncton 1050mm circular sign shape fabricated by Barrow Signs and powder coated in Purple

Above the main entrance Barrow Signs designed in a circular feature and the letters "CJ" (for Clongriffin Junction) in an unbroken form.  

The circular feature is 1050mm in diamater and has a return depth of 50mm and was also powder coated in a contrasting colour from the town's branding pack.

Installation on site was completed in one day. Firstly the fixing rails were fixed into the aluminium window frame, and the box positioned and secured onto the rails. Next the circular panel was positioned centrally above the door and equally spaced above and below the new orange fascia and again fixed using concealed fixings. The final stage of the installation was to fit the "CJ" logo and the text Clongriffin Junction. These are CNC routed from 10mm foamex and fixed to the fascia with snap fix studs. To acknowledge the contribution made by Gannon Homes and Dublin City Council both of their logos were fixed to the transom window above the entrance in white.

Architectural Signage - Aluminium sign fascia and foamex 3D lettering in Dublin by Barrow Signs  Architectural Signage - Aluminium sign fascia and foamex 3D lettering in Dublin by Barrow Signs

Architectural Signage - Aluminium sign fascia and foamex 3D lettering in Dublin by Barrow Signs  Architectural Signage - Aluminium sign fascia and foamex 3D lettering in Dublin by Barrow Signs

This project was delivered on time and has brought a splash of colour to Clongriffin Town Square. Clongriffin Junction was officially opened by Dublin City Council Mayor on Monday 14th May.

If you manage or own a building or have an idea for signage and are unsure if it will work then call Barrow Signs at 053 9383494, their designers are able to assist you in developing your idea and finding a solution. 


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