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Are your patients records in view? Practical ways to comply with the DPC Investigation into the Hospital Sector

Are your patients records in view? Practical ways to comply with the DPC Investigation into the Hospital Sector

21st May 2018

Today the Special Investigations Unit of the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner's Office published a report into the confidentiality and security of patient data in the hospital environment.

The purpose of this investigation report is to bring to the attention of states hospital the matters of concern and to prompt the hospitals to examine if any or all of the matters of concern highlighted in this report are occurring or could occur in its facility.  This report also made many recommendations to remedy the situation.

Many of the recommendations are very simple to implement and can have a significant positive affect on patient privacy.

Barrow Signs are well positioned to implement these recommendations at hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities

For example, the simplest recommendation is to mark the floor with a line, behind which other patients must wait. Also, at these critical points, such as reception desks, nurses’ stations etc., the Commissioner's report suggests placing signage at or near the desks reminding patients and staff of the need for privacy at these critical points.  

Barrow Signs have been working with the HSE since 2006 and manufacture signage that is totally compliant with the HSE signage guidelines and Braille and tactile signage that complies with DDA / ADA, BS 8300 and Part M.

Another practical and cost effective way in which Barrow Signs can assist facilities to comply with the recommendations is by screening rooms and offices with privacy film. Use of this film is commonplace in public buildings and is used to provide privacy in rooms and offices while reducing the minimum amount of light.  It is also possible to introduce patters and shapes into the film to create a focal point while delivering maximum privacy for the occupants of the room.

We are always happy to meet with Facility Managers to advise on the effective use of signage and window manifestations. For an informal conversation or to arrange a site visit, please call Dorian Marks at 053 9383494 or 087 9980510 at any time/


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