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Reopening Construction Sites. What do I need?

Reopening Construction Sites.  What do I need?

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  Work is expected to recommence on construction sites on May 18th and like every industry there are significant changes that workers will need to get accustomed to. 

  We have been speaking with our customers involved in the Building Industry and understand that for sites to operate safely, they will be training staff to become COVID-19 Awareness and Compliance Officers. Part of their role is to ensure that work can be conducted in a safe manner while observing the social distancing protocols. 

  Additional changes are suggested to the start and finishing times for work, this will also lead to staggered break times.  Site hygiene, hand sanitation and the disinfecting of surfaces are areas that are being given particular attention.   

 Plant and machinery are other risk areas, there is a possibility the spread of the virus from touch points on the controls and other surfaces in the cab.

  Site Managers will need to introduce new controls for employees and contractors accessing the sites. 

  Employees that demonstrate symptoms of Coronavirus need to advise Site Management immediately.

  To assist Site Managers and COVID 19 Awareness and Compliance Officers, have the signage that is required listed at their website, and are available for immediate dispatch. 

  If you need any assistance with ordering or require a specific sign for your project then please Dorian at 087 9980510 or 053 9383494.


Link to COVID 19 Stickers for Plant and Machinery at www.signsonline.i  Link to constructionhard hat stickers for sale at COVID 19 ConstructionSite Procedures signage for sale at

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