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Covid: What is your exit strategy?

Covid: What is your exit strategy?

   The first quarter of 2020 has certainly been different from that which anyone can remember, and sadly for all the wrong reasons.  Businesses and their procedures and operations have been significantly upset and now have to adapt to new norms, and are planning their exit strategy from the rules of the lockdown.

  Here at Signs OnLine ( we have a range of products to help businesses through the lockdown, are here and ready to help all businesses with their exit strategy. To help them recover and get back to normal operations, whatever that normal may look like!

  We are beginning to receive orders from businesses that are restarting operations, the priority is communicating with and managing customers.  We have designed this generic notice, which can be produced as a self-adhesive sticker, PVC Banner or printed onto Corriboard (Correx) or composite aluminium.

  This has been designed so that you can add in your phone number in permanent marker in the white box, if for example access is controlled by a gate, door or some other barrier.

  As with all products from, they are manufactured in house and we are able to offer the shortest delivery times and the best value online and offline.  Plus if your order is for €40 or over delivery is on us!

  For bulk orders, these signs can be personalised, where we can add in your company's name, logo, central contact number, or what ever information you may need.

  Contact us at 053 9383494 or by email to at any time.




Signs OnLine is a trading name of Barrow Signs Ltd.  Barrow Sign was formed in 2004 and incorporated in 2019, they have been trading on line since 2015



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