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Covid19 Signage, Social Distancing Signs and Sneeze Guards

Here are a collection of safety signs, information signs and products from Signs OnLine to assist business manage the Covid-19 Coronavirus lockdown and to assist in their exit strategy and return to normal operations.

Social distancing is critical to slow the spread of coronavirus (Covid 19), this is achieved by minimising contact between potentially infected people and healthy people and should be practiced in accordance with government advice.

At we design and make all types of signage to help with customer/ staff management and to communicate your procedures for dealing with this challenge.

As you are buying direct from the manufacturer, you can be assured that you will receive the BEST VALUE and FASTEST DISPATCH times. This includes our Sneeze Guards and  Counter Protector.

All of our products can be purchased online and delivered to you. If you cannot find want you need or require please contact us on 0539383494.

Covid19 Signage, Social Distancing Signs and Sneeze Guards

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