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Arklow Bay project March 2019

Arklow Bay project March 2019

I’d like to show you a project that was recently completed and am absolutely delighted with, this time it is the Arklow Bay, Conference and Leisure Hotel in Arklow, County Wicklow. (

Occupying a premium location just a stone throw from the sea and a very short walk into the town of Arklow, ‘The Bay’ as its known has been host to hundreds of weddings, conferences and events over its lifetime.

This year, the owners have invested in upgrading the ball room and the approach to and circulation space at the hotel.  

I understand that our name was suggested to the Arklow Bay after they enquired as to the maker of the signage at WELLS HOUSE ( which Barrow Signs completed back in 2012.

The existing sign was an aluminium panel fixed to three posts, in behind a fenced off area.

Barrow Signs attended a meeting to conduct a survey to establish the best location for the sign, also to better understand the requirements of the sign.  It was concluded that the sign should be approx. 3660mm x 1220mm (12ft x 4ft), be lit at night and the purpose of the sign is three-fold. (1) to act as a destination marker, (2) to assist with wayfinding by directing guests to the reception, or the health club and to direct delivery drivers, and (3) to reinforce some of the facilities/ offerings of the hotel.It was also decided to bring the sign forward and to angle it for maximum impact from the main road and for asthetics while viewing head on.

Barrow Signs designed a solid faced, folded aluminium monolith or pylon type sign, with a return depth of 180mm that was made from two equal sections.  The front face is fret cut and Perspex lettering pushed through the cuts that are back lit to provide the illumination effect.  

The aluminium is powder coated a distinctive turquoise colour, and is fixed along the sides to a welded steel frame, this way no fixings are visible.  The whole unit is bolted into a plinth with over 2 cubic metres of cement for support.  From the time of confirming the design to the installation and commissioning of the LED lights took approx. four weeks.

Barrow Signs are comfortable working with signs of this scale, if you have a requirement for architectural marker type signs, then feel free to reach out to us. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements and develop a proposal for a sign that will meet your objectives and budget.

Dorian Marks
Project Manager

 Old Arklow Bay signage before the new unit was installed

This shows the old signage insitu behind the fence, only top section is visible from behind the fence

New LED illuminated pylon sign at the Arklow Bay Hotel installed by Barrow Signs

 Above showing the new 12ft x 4ft folded aluminium signage, built over steel frame, bolted to concrete plinth, with fret cut front face and push through CNC cut acrylic lettering, and vinyl lettering to lower sections.

Below is how the sign looks at night when lit up by the LED lighting gear installed inside the sign

LED illuminated signage at the Arklow Bay Hotel in Co. Wickow, installed by Barrow Signs Gorey, Co. Wexford. They make and install signs all over Ireland


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