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Coronavirus, Covid-19 and Social Distancing Products

As a result of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 virus, SOCIAL DISTANCING has been introduced as a way of slowing down its transmission.  This involves your customers standing apart when on your premises and in public.  In other cases, businesses, amenities and other public spaces have had to temporarily close. 

We have supplied these to customers in all industries, including retail, finance, staff canteens and public bodies.

Advising your customers of your plans is best practice in the short term and vitally important for the time when the restrictions are lifted.

At we have a signage and self adhesive labels or stickers that you can display on your premises to remind customers of the SOCIAL DISTANCING protocols.

When you buy from you can be assured that you are buying direct from the manufacturer, you are also assured that you are recieving the best value and and your order will be delivered in the shortest time frame.

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