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HAMS: Hunter Area Management System & Public Safety on Coillte Land

HAMS: Hunter Area Management System & Public Safety on Coillte Land

Deer hunting and stalking activities in Ireland have long been an integral part of the country's cultural heritage and conservation efforts. To ensure responsible and safe hunting practices, Coillte, Ireland's largest forestry and land solutions company, has implemented the Hunter Area Management System (HAMS). HAMS is a comprehensive program that not only regulates hunting activities but also prioritizes public safety, one way they do this is through effective signage. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of HAMS in Ireland, highlight the hunting season dates, and emphasise the importance of appropriate signage for public safety.

The Hunter Area Management System (HAMS) is a framework established by Coillte to manage deer hunting and stalking activities on their lands. Coillte, which manages vast forested areas across Ireland, recognizes the importance of wildlife management and conservation. Through HAMS, the company aims to ensure sustainable deer populations while promoting responsible hunting practices.

The Role of Signage in Public Safety

One of the key components of the HAMS program is the provision of appropriate signage across hunting areas. These signs serve multiple purposes, with public safety being paramount. Here's why signage plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe environment for both hunters and the general public:

Identification and Awareness:  Clear and visible signage helps identify designated hunting areas, notifying the public and non-hunting individuals to exercise caution. This awareness prevents accidental intrusion into hunting zones, minimizing potential risks.

Boundary Demarcation: Signage helps define the boundaries of hunting areas, ensuring hunters stay within designated zones. This prevents them from accidentally wandering into public areas or private properties, minimizing conflicts and enhancing safety.

Education and Information: Signs provide essential information about hunting activities, including rules, regulations, and potential hazards. This educates the public about ongoing hunting practices and enables them to take appropriate precautions.

Emergency Contact Information: In the event of an emergency, signage can include contact details for relevant authorities or emergency services. This information allows prompt response and assistance if needed.

Ordering HAMS Compliant Signage Online

To facilitate the implementation of HAMS and ensure the availability of high-quality signage,, a reputable online provider of signs products has available signage compliant with the HAMS framework.

The signs are available at this link:

Ordering signage from is convenient and straightforward.  The signs are available in corriboard (fluted plastic similar the the material auctioneers use for their signs), these are €15 each incl. VAT or in composite aluminium at €25 each incl VAT.  Fast and FREE DELIVERY is available on orders over €60.

Be Prepared For This Season

It's essential to be aware of the hunting season dates in Ireland to plan your activities accordingly. Please note that the hunting season for deer in Ireland typically runs from September to December, with specific dates varying based on the region and the type of deer being hunted. It is crucial to stay updated with the current hunting season dates and any regulations or restrictions imposed by local authorities.  Demand for these signs is high during the last two weeks of August and hunters are advised to place their order early for the beginning of the season.

The Hunter Area Management System (HAMS) implemented by Coillte is an initiative that promotes responsible deer hunting and stalking practices in Ireland. By prioritising public safety through appropriate signage, HAMS ensures that hunting activities are conducted in a controlled and secure environment. Clear and visible signage helps raise awareness, demarcate boundaries, educate the public, and provide emergency contact information. HAMS compliant signage is available to order from with prices starting at €15.

Note: The hunting season dates provided in this blog post are general guidelines and prices are correct as of June 2023.

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